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Online|Offline Hatak 0.0 12.0 13 января 2012 в 18:24 #0

Аватар Hatak
В октане появились пассы. Ура, ура, ура. Давно я этого ждал ((:

Octane has a new kernel which renders false-color images of the scene, containing various types of
information about the scene. The following settings are available:
Geometric normals
Shading normals
Material ID
Не 40 штук конечно, но основные имхо.((: Ну почти основные. Спекулар не хватает. и дифуз. (:

Online|Offline aliquebrado 68.8 142.7 16 января 2012 в 10:09 #0

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никада ими не пользовался и вобще не знаю зачем они... но все равно в арионе их больше

а мну тем временем продолжает тестить

1 час, Pathtracing, GI bounces - 8, 1600x1280:

шторки s5, на всех рефлектных матах plastic coating который дольше всех считается.

и чистовик...

4 часа, Pathtracing, GI bounces - 8, 3200x2560 (картинка весит 2мб=):

Online|Offline homerender 101.1 1384.3 1 февраля 2012 в 22:54 #0

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Чувствую, что я на него подсяду... Протестил на нем свое железо)

Online|Offline homerender 101.1 1384.3 2 февраля 2012 в 15:32 #0

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Ну вот и пошли первые результаты

Online|Offline aliquebrado 68.8 142.7 4 февраля 2012 в 17:07 #2

Аватар aliquebradoПобед в битвах:2Побед в битвах:2
еще текучка

свет сложный, скан+скай и панелька эта светящаяся на потолке, так что хоть и оставил на ночь, шума все равно немного осталось.

эт если кому-то влом хайрез смотреть)

3200x2790 оригинал, потом обрезал немного по вертикали. GI_b - 8, около 8 часов

диз не мой, сразу говорю))

Online|Offline Fandia 70.9 257.6 4 февраля 2012 в 17:26 #0

Аватар Fandia
Крутотенюшка у вас тут
Надо копить на графическую станцию

Online|Offline ainex 135.2 617.2 4 февраля 2012 в 17:42 #0

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aliquebrado, крут) понравилось

Online|Offline aliquebrado 68.8 142.7 4 февраля 2012 в 18:26 #1

Аватар aliquebradoПобед в битвах:2Побед в битвах:2
пасибке, мну старался)

Online|Offline DimaAl 11.8 24.4 6 февраля 2012 в 11:13 #0

Аватар DimaAl
Всем доброго времени суток=) Хочу посоветоваться!
Система у меня core i7(4 ядра) и видяха gtx 590 и память 24 гига
Что будет лучше? Купить 6-ти ядерный проц или вторую gtx 590?
Мне именно для Ариона система нужна

Online|Offline homerender 101.1 1384.3 6 февраля 2012 в 11:51 #0

Аватар homerenderПобед в битвах:3Побед в битвах:3
Для ариона видюху. И у i7 к этим 4м физическим ядрам + еще 4 виртуальных)

Online|Offline aliquebrado 68.8 142.7 6 февраля 2012 в 11:56 #0

Аватар aliquebradoПобед в битвах:2Побед в битвах:2
i7 берет на себя 10,5% производительности, остальное тащит 590. докупишь видюху, ускоришся почти в 2 раза, проц - процентов на 5.

Online|Offline DimaAl 11.8 24.4 6 февраля 2012 в 11:57 #0

Аватар DimaAl

Online|Offline aliquebrado 68.8 142.7 29 февраля 2012 в 15:22 #2

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Online|Offline ainex 135.2 617.2 29 февраля 2012 в 15:31 #0

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Online|Offline aliquebrado 68.8 142.7 29 февраля 2012 в 15:32 #0

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картинка кликабельна, ведет на топик на персии, там ссылки)

Online|Offline homerender 101.1 1384.3 29 февраля 2012 в 16:07 #0

Аватар homerenderПобед в битвах:3Побед в битвах:3

Online|Offline Hatak 0.0 12.0 13 марта 2012 в 21:07 #0

Аватар Hatak
Октан стал частью большой компании. OTOY инвестор автодеска. (: Но глав. Разработчик утверждает , что никакого отношения не имеют к нему. Так же радует, то что ценовая политика не измениться (:
Вообщем их стало на 40 человек больше. А значит, нас ждет поистине крутой рендер. Если кому интересно копипаст с форума (:

MAJOR NEWS: OTOY® Inc. acquires Refractive Software® LTD
Refractive Software® and OctaneRender® now part of something bigger...

We are very pleased to announce that Refractive Software® had been acquired by OTOY® Inc.

OTOY® has been a strong partner of Refractive Software® since 2010, we finally agreed this progression was the next logical step for us to take.
All of us want to see OctaneRender® get to the next level, from both a business and technology perspective. When we found the right partner to make this happen, the opportunity was clear and the timing was right.
We are now 40 people strong, and that is a big change from the size we were at before.

What does this means for Octane Render?

First, there will be more corporate resources, engineers and staff which is currently being hired to work on the product - making OctaneRender® the best possible product it can be. I (Radiance) will become the Chief Graphics Architect at OTOY®, and remain the lead developer and architect of OctaneRender®.

There are some very talented people at OTOY® - including Paul Debevec, the inventor of the HDRI map as we all use today, whose LightStage® technology has been successfully commercialized by OTOY® since 2008. Last year, Autodesk® invested in OTOY's cloud rendering technology.

All that OTOY® is involved with is now potentially part of Octane's roadmap as we move forward as one company.

Jules Urbach, the CEO of OTOY®, started out as an OctaneRender® customer, just like everyone else on the licensed customer forums. His passion for OctaneRender® and his faith in this product is a big part of why this has happened.

Rest assured, the development team is more focused than ever, and OctaneRender® is not being changed or tampered with; we are not dropping plug-in support for any 3rd party products, and we are not altering the price-point of the final 1.0 product (199e), nor changing any promises we have made regarding beta licenses etc...

During the course of the next few months, we plan to focus 100% on getting OctaneRender® out of beta and into final release. This means final release of our major plug-ins for many 3D animation and modeling packages, some have been announced and some not yet, as well as instancing and other core rendering features that go alongside that.
Once this milestone is behind us, we will complete the transition to a brand new website, improved community forums and payment system to a new back-end being worked on at OTOY® LA.

Developing OctaneRender® has been an incredible experience, and we couldn't have made it here with you all of you. With the team backing OctaneRender® today, the future of the product we all care so much about is looking better than ever.

Radiance (aka Terrence Vergauwen), Jules Urbach and the OctaneRender® Team.

Hi All,

I wanted to give some additional information for customers and non-customers as to what will change and what not, so you don't need to ask too much questions in this thread...

Here are a few very important answers to your questions:

1. Nothing will change for you and your licenses. Prices, free v1.0 final for beta licenses, etc... everything remains the same.
2. v2.0, which is still a long way off, will not become expensive.
3. OTOY Inc. is only 40 people big, so not a big corporation.
4. They develop cloud technology and actor capturing technology so they do not have people right now (at this very day) to start work on Octane, they will be hiring/expanding, so expect things to slowly chang during the next few months, it's a lot of logistics work. I can say that Sam Lapere is joining us in a couple of weeks (a coder with an excellent blog), and much more coders during the next months, development will skyrocket.
5. We will have offices in NZ (development) and LA (development, management), so we can offer faster support in different timezones.
6. Octane standalone and the plugins will remain as they are, and cloud versions will be optional, eg, you will be able to buy Octane v2.0 or whatever in the future to run on your machine.
7. Autodesk HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS. OTOY Just develops cloud tech for them that's it. They have no say or any contact at all with the octane team. They cannot interfere with it either as they do not have any control whatsoever. I personally don't even know anyone at Autodesk, it's a cloud thing between the cloud department at OTOY and Autodesk only. The AutoCAD plugin is purely coincidental.
8. Regarding blender, we are still evaluating options for a blender plugin product. It's quite difficult due to the GPL restrictions on linking the octane engine into blender, and we wonder if the demand is big enough, since brecht joined our company, only to vanish 2 weeks later with a copy of our engine code and 4 months later announce 'cycles', which is now integrated into blender. Maybe a poll would be in order here to see what demand there is, as it costs time and money to develop these plugin products.
9. I (eg, Radiance) will stay working in the OTOY New Zealand and LA offices, managing octane development, aswell as all the current staff of Refractive Software LTD, eg nobody is going to go. I will be titled 'Chief Graphics Architect' at OTOY Inc. (sounds pretty spiffy eh I don't care much for titles though, they came up with it )

I understand some of you will reconsider helping new customers with questions on the site due to this announcement, but the truth is that it's going to take us at least 1-2 months to train people to provide support, so I ask everyone considering stopping offering help to reconsider for a short while, until we have the trained manpower we need. Just do it for me, and my gift to you of a 99 Euro GPU engine

I hope this answers most of your questions, and please ask me more, I will respond here...


Online|Offline aliquebrado 68.8 142.7 13 марта 2012 в 21:31 #3

Аватар aliquebradoПобед в битвах:2Побед в битвах:2
Autodesk® Octane Render®

Online|Offline aliquebrado 68.8 142.7 13 марта 2012 в 21:41 #0

Аватар aliquebradoПобед в битвах:2Побед в битвах:2
btw скоро обещают анонсировать реалтаймовый плаг ариона для макса, полностью интегрированый, с актившейдом и все такое.
но пока еще только обещают) есть только 2 скрина и видюшка **не хотел писать, но раз уж темку подняли..

больше тут.
вот и вся инфа) кстати, что-то это подозрительно все... три скрина за все время.. которые можно в шопе нарисовать легко.. видюшка особой смысловой нагрузки не несет, никакой работы плага не показывает.. ни одного поста на форуме, уволенный разраб плагинов.. мне это все не нра
ну да ладно..

Online|Offline ainex 135.2 617.2 13 марта 2012 в 23:38 #0

Аватар ainexПобед в битвах:4Побед в битвах:4
Лучшебы выпустили стабильный плаг к максу под арион, остальное потом)
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